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There are many sites dedicated to the Doom game series on the Internet and most of them are better than this one. Yet I hope to create something a little different. Over time, I will attempt to offer more than the regular collection of maps and cheats which are provided so comprehensively elsewhere. Here you will find details of combat tactics, useful shooting positions and potentially life-saving information about the merciless enemies which infest the Doom Universe. I aim to include movies, animations and screenshots; plus stories set in the dark corridors of the invaded martian bases and the recollections of hardened 'Doomers' who have survived many encounters with Hell's legions. Doom III data will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

I'd like to express my special thanks to Dr Renfield and the Staff of Bedlam Asylum who have made many of the original images and animations on this site (they also cleaned up and refined a lot of GIFs already familiar to those who visit other Doom-related pages).